Sarah Fawson

The Legislative Roots of Mass Incarceration

Master's thesis: A visual narrative of the history of legalized discrimination and it's impacts in the United States.

2020 Presidential Race

Illustrative data visualizations covering the 2020 presidential race.

Female music artist success pie charts

MICA Designs

Design prompts from grad school.

radar graph

The Social Determinants of Health

Analyzed the Social Determinants of Health from CDC data and the Social Vulnerability Index.

Digital Illustration

Digital Art

I make art in an iPad app called Procreate.


Pencil drawings - mostly portraits!

Drawing of Frederick Douglass

Freedom Art Series

Series of four hand drawn free-thinkers, painted with a pop of color in acrylic.

Twitter Trolls Sentiment Analysis

Analyzed the sentiment of over 1 million Russian Troll Tweets surrounding the 2016 Presidential Election.

Dali coffee cup drawing

Coffee Cup Illustrations

Hand-drawn coffee cup series.

t1d infographic

T1D Infographic

Acrylic Paintings

Bright and fun paintings in acrylic.

Oil Paintings

I love dabbling in painting when I have the time!